The Wheel Reinvented

The wheel: one of the greatest inventions of all time- from the stone originals of the cavemen to the massive rubber ones on monster trucks.


Of course, the most versatile wheel when it comes to getting dressed is the color wheel (not just when getting dressed, probably life in general- but hey, what do I know).

For every invention there has to be a moment of reinvention, the color wheel has been around for a long time and I feel it’s time for a reinvention. So let’s take this old school wheel and move it forward. Wait though, why? What could possibly replace colors?

Dressing isn’t just about color- monochromatic looks rule- you’ve got to have texture: leather, lace, chiffon (NOT my favorite, but that’s a whole different story), silk, wool, denim, fur, so on and so forth, ect., ect., ect. Replace your yellows with lace, blues with leather, greens with silk…… mix your firm textures with the soft, achieve balance through mixing- go with the monochromatic, but make it contrast texture wise.

Or not.

Forget that. Forget the color wheel. Forget what supposedly clashes or matches. Go with your gut.

-Kait Elizabeth

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