Then It Was Over….

The Mercedes have turned into pumpkin spice lattes, the mice are filled up on dropped quinoa salad for the winter, at least one fashion girl lost her shoe in the throngs of photogs….. alas it’s the end of fashion month.

I already discussed my very competitive feelings on NYC and London here, this time though I’m going to share my top of each.  Time for an uber quick pared down look at Milan and Paris!

DO YOU SEE THAT EMBROIDERY? This was Dolce and Gabbana at Milan. They always have the most decadent colours, and stitching. I’m lusting so hard right now- like more than Cinderella wanting to go to the ball, what’s a Prince Charming to hand embroidered lace?!

I feel this is too amazing even for a ball, it deserves to be danced through the grocery store so everyone can lay eyes on its stunning beauty. (Seriously, wouldn’t you love to pick out avocados in this??)

Onward and forward (well backward at this date considering when the show ended….), to Paris. The land of love, fashion, bread, and wine- basically all my favourite things.

It’s not a dress, or boots, or the must have accessory, but how to die for is this wall? It has to be one of my favourite things from all of fashion month, so much inspiration, so simple and yet so gorgeous. The Dior show was just covered in flowers, and it is marvelous to behold.

I know I said one from each show and uber quickly, but I’m going to cheat and show you my favourite actual look from Paris too:

The textures, colours, swing. Etro was everything- not even a Fairy Grandmother could pull off that delicate sheen!

And they all lived happily ever after… till the next fashion month that is!

-Kait Elizabeth

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