Time Makes The Best Of Everything

Wine. Age that bottle.

Cheese. Let that sucker sit a while.

Cotton tshirts. Spin that cycle again to downy softness.

Leather. Beat it up for a few years.

I could go on and on and on and on; there’s a pretty long list of things that age well.

You know what gets better with age? Sharper and sweeter and softer.


 In the day of plastic surgery and creams and serums, why are women so afraid to grow old? Oh wait cause those things exist, scaring you of the inevitable. Stop trying to fight gravity, instead follow in the footsteps of these gorgeous ladies:

I guarantee Iris Apfel has better style at ninety than any other person you know (probably better than Lagerfield’s Choupette too!).

I would rock those glasses to the moon and back. How fantastic does she look? Proof fashion has no age.

There’s no denying Audrey Hepburn looks just as graceful and gorgeous as she did as a young whipper snapper in her first film.

I know the world is gaga Kate Middleton, but can we just look at her grandmother-in-law? The Queen is a perky beauty, always dressed impeccably for any occasion.

Don’t you want to be as beautiful as them when you grow up? Let’s not be anti-aging; let’s be anti-anti-aging.

-Kait Elizabeth

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