Want some cheese with your wine?

That pun never gets old. It’s like telling someone the world’s smallest violin is playing….. only the grown up version, cause it involves alcohol.

I promise I’m not totally wined out as I type this. Totally being the key word there!

Honestly going to vineyards on a sunny day has to be one of my favourite activities ever- sun, wine, friends, laughter, and food.

Food always makes any event the best. If you haven’t been to one, do it. (Even if you don’t drink, the views normally make the visit worth the drive or whatnot!- I’m not advocating drunkenness for all peoples.)

When this phone pic blew up it kinda looks like a decaying old picture from the 1940s. I’ll take it. Those oldies rock!

2015-08-24 13.03.49

For once I actually wore colour- in the form of a 50ft long (no joke!) belt that took me ages to figure out what to wear. #1 key to acquiring compliments on a hot summer day- wrap yards of tapestry around your waist to cinch in all possible sweat. It works like a magic pixie charm. (Pixie! Get it? Cause I’m short and small…. I guess that won’t catch on like wine and cheese. Bummer.)


I meant serious business; it was a library tasting. Shit was good- is good- will be good, cause of course I added a few bottles to my collection.

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